::: BUSKING AND BACKPACKING ||| Summer 2014 :::

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The Rainbow Xylophone – Photograph by Paola Zema

Armo (Reggio Calabria), the Rainbow Xylophone – Photograph by Paola Zema


The rainbow xylophone playing on wheels is the first.

A long canvas follows it, saying: Every flower is right • follow me if you want to listen to my letter.

They run with me.


Felice_Piazza Marconi_screenshot

Cremona – Screenshot from a video shot by Manuel Benyacar (Faber Teatro)


When I finally take my spot on the ground, I lay down a few tea bags with some text on the canvas, I set the tambourine face down, I extract the papyrus rolls and I arouse the pages of my little book or I place it on the ground.

I wait.


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 18.23.22

Circolo Arcipelago, Cremona – Screenshot from a video shot by Laura Bianco


I wait till someone asks me something.

It isn’t clear what I’m doing, but it’s clear that I’m not just a freak sitting on the ground: I must be, at least, a freak doing something.

I wear a little velvet bag with some bells, and I play them a bit, while I wait.

I breathe deeply, to recall why I’m there, and I persistently smile to every one, while I wait.

I wait till someone asks me something.

«I read a theater monologue––and I start only when one asks me to do it», I answer.



Photograph by Masha Rozhnova

Photograph by Masha Rozhnova



The street is the place where my pages are meant to be shared, to meet the unexpected and reach who wasn’t directly looking for it.

Finding an audience who comes intentionally to my performance is also sweet, though; I’ve been reading in festivals, theaters, and other nice situations, since summer 2014, busking and backpacking in Italy. So, in case you’re interested in bringing my performance somewhere (anywhere!), please knock!




Felice means Happy!

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