#VideoCallSketching : portraits via webcam

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To get a portrait, find me on Skype as: etaliparoti.
Or send an email to eta489@gmail.com

The call starts and i turn the sand timers: WE HAVE 15 MINUTES. .*)

Eta - VCS 015 - Luana Giannoccaro e Filippo Cattabiani_web

#VCS 015 – Luana Giannoccaro e Filippo Cattabiani



* *After months of feedback regarding the prices i propose, i added a Donate button, here below. As busking and street performing is something close to me, and as i experience #VideoCallSketching as a form of virtual busking, i find cool to let my virtual hat open and vulnerable on the ground: drop whatever you think, or even skip it – it’s up to you (note: this choice regards the 15′ #VideoCallSketching digital file). * *

If instead you like to follow my suggestions, here they are. As many people were curious about my criteria to decide this, i’ve writte some words below.

15′ or 30′? Do you want the Original Sketch?



With 4,00 EUR you get the file in High Resolution (300 dpi) made in 15 minutes; by default is in JPG, but you can ask for other formats. You can have the original artwork too, for 25,00 EUR (shipping included).

I’m also up for longer calls of 30 minutes (or other commissions!) and therefore portraits a bit more elaborated. A drawing made in 30 minutes costs 20,00 EUR and the original artwork costs 60,00 EUR (shipping included).

If you are interested in buying an original #VideoCallSketching that doesn’t represent nor you nor someone dear to you, please feel free to contact me anyway: each #VCS is on sale, if the portrayed person agrees.


What i ask for the basic #VideoCallSketching (4,00 EUR) seems too little to many people, but i purposely want this to be something that hopefully one can afford without much concern. If for someone this price comes too expensive anyway, but this person really desires to have a #VCS, i warmly and sincerely invite this person to ask me to do it for free, or for less, or as exchange, or whatever: doesn’t matter: i’m very glad and keen to trust that who might ask for a gift will do it out of authenticity, not abusing of my kindness, as it already happened. If some will abuse a bit, doesn’t matter much either, i still find beautiful and worthy to trust, because i believe that we need to learn how to trust each other, and i still find beautiful and worthy to give away this, because looking at ourselves with new eyes can be extremely meaningful. Some views i received on myself deeply changed my whole life perception – some, thankfully, for the better, and for good. It’s part of my way to join the anti body shaming fight, and it’s essential to my deep belief, that there’s a sparkle in everyone, and it connects us all.

Also, while 4,00 EUR could be ridiculously little, it’s still a fast sketch that takes me just 15 minutes – sand timers make it true. Well, the whole video call takes more, but still. Anyway, as i make the sketch and send its digital file for cheap, anything else comes as an extra, less “necessary”, and it costs a bit more. To understand this criteria, you might look at those 4,00 EUR as a sort of discount. What one pays for the original sketch (25 EUR) isn’t much for the shipping, but for the original artwork, and it’s also a special price that I offer to the subject of the portrait, or for those who want to give a #VideoCallSketching as present to a dear one. If someone else wants to buy a #VCS, the price is higher, and the purchase is possible only if who’s been portrayed agrees on this.

* ) * ( * That’s not a proper crowdfunding campaign, as there’s not a specific goal with a deadline, but as I’m working on an animated short movie, on performances, on books and much much more, funds automatically help all this to happen * ) * ( *


So much. This project is meaning and creating so much, on so many different levels. (Including: great excuses to have virtual pigments smoothies with my friends living far from me.)

But it’s not time yet for me to tell the stories behind #VideoCallSketching. I mean to do it, somehow, better, one day. For now i can only say: the way is to check it out.


Screen Shot for #VCS 024 – Greta Xella

Eta - VCS 022 - Federica Orlati_screen 01

Screen Shot for #VCS 022 – Federica Orlati

Eta - VCS 030 - Giulia Trincardi_screen

Screen Shot for #VCS 030 – Giulia Trincardi

You can follow my mess online – and if you even share my links, perhaps posting your portrait, you help me even more!


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