#VideoCallSketching : portraits via webcam

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To get a portrait, find me on Skype as: etaliparoti.
Or send an email to eta489@gmail.com

The call starts and i turn the sand timers: WE HAVE 15 MINUTES. .*)

Eta - VCS 015 - Luana Giannoccaro e Filippo Cattabiani_web

#VCS 015 – Luana Giannoccaro e Filippo Cattabiani

* * As busking and street performing is something close to me, and as i experience #VideoCallSketching as a form of virtual busking, i find cool to let my virtual hat open and vulnerable on the ground: drop whatever you think, or even skip it – it’s up to you (note: this choice regards the 15′ #VideoCallSketching digital file, selling the original portrait and the shipping costs couldn’t be for free). * *

* ) * ( * That’s not a proper crowdfunding campaign, as there’s not a specific goal with a deadline, but as I’m working on an animated short movie, on performances, on books and much much more, funds automatically help all this to happen * ) * ( *


So much. This project is meaning and creating so much, on so many different levels. (Including: great excuses to have virtual pigments smoothies with my friends living far from me.)

But it’s not time yet for me to tell the stories behind #VideoCallSketching. I mean to do it, somehow, better, one day. For now i can only say: the way is to check it out.


Screen Shot for #VCS 024 – Greta Xella

Eta - VCS 022 - Federica Orlati_screen 01

Screen Shot for #VCS 022 – Federica Orlati

Eta - VCS 030 - Giulia Trincardi_screen

Screen Shot for #VCS 030 – Giulia Trincardi

You can follow my mess online – and if you even share my links, perhaps posting your portrait, you help me even more!


Now. Ready to join my flow?




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