Splash, my name is Eleonora, i’m 28 years old and also i mean very much 3 or 4, most probably 3, and i like to draw and i hope to draw very much like for all my life maybe because it makes me very happy and i think it can make happy you too. I also like to tell very important things in my drawings so that maybe we can be nicer with each other and the multiverse and also joke with the monsters and the deities, as for example my friend the ***** and *** ***** ****, or many of my humans friends as well (i’m not sure what you mean by the word “deity” but i think that here sounds very cute). Also, i like to leave the paint on my skin and to wash the dishes right after having ate (but maybe not always always always because things are not or all black or all white to me, i like to think of “a very convinced grey”, as my very charming friend the Jackalope says). I think you’re pretty.

I know people age 3 are not meant to wash the dishes, but i’m a rebel, i guess.


//  other facts:

i was born in cremona (italy) in 1989, from sicilian roots that i like very much because of the oranges around etna

i studied media design and multimedia arts in milan

i moved to utrecht, in the netherlands, on the 1st of april 2012 and i discovered how to walk

then i’ve been walking around, also with a rainbow xylophone, also in brazil, then in hungary, in an animation studio called Cinemon

and on the 1st of april 2017 i came back in the netherlands.

i still think you’re pretty.